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Hongguang Medicine Packaging Company is an enterprise for medicine packaging. It is supported by the specific fund of the Central Government. It is a non-state scientific and technological enterprise in Shanxi Province. It is certificated and registered by  State Food and Drug Administration.

The main products of the enterprise: The First Class Waterproof Medical Glass Tube; The First Class Waterproof Medical Ampoule; Medical Glass Tube; Plastics Mold; They all come up to the requirements.

The company was built in March, 2000, located in the new technology industry zone Rencheng, Shanxi, which covers 60 mu, the total assets is 12421 wan RMB. It has a staff of 300. Its yearly products are 20 billion.

The tenet of the enterprise: surviving on high quality and seeking development with prestige; seeking development with scientific management;

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